Any parent group, club or individual can join Connect, and there are lots of good reasons to do so!

You’ll be joining the only national membership organisation for parents and carers involved in education, where thousands of parents go for services and advice, and to share and access information. Our About Connect Membership leaflet tells you everything you need to know about membership levels, tailored to suit your group's needs, and the many benefits of membership. 

How to join Connect

Some local authorities pay for the Parent Councils in their area to be Members of Connect (Group Membership):  Check here to find out if your Parent Council is a Member.

Benefits of Membership

Our Members' services and opportunities include

Become a Member

Apply here to become a Member of Connect

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Membership Directory

View the full list of our Members

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Become A Director

Becoming a Director of Connect is a rewarding and important role

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Supplier Directory

We are interested in hearing about our Members' recommended suppliers

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Success Stories

Parental engagement Success Stories from across Scotland

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Connect Membership-linked Insurance Information

This page provides you with more detailed information about your Membership-linked insurance

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