Bereavement Support Initiative - Meldrum Primary, Aberdeenshire

What did you do? 

Following the attacks in Manchester and London in 2017, Meldrum Parents in Partnership (MPiP) learned about how such issues were being dealt with by the school, but also recognised some parents were struggling to talk to their children about such matters.  As many of the Manchester victims were children and young people, Meldrum pupils seemed to displaying symptoms of anxiety and worry about perceived dangers.

Our Parent Council Chair contacted Grampian Bereavement Centre and received advice and information on how to support anxieties coming from media reports, particularly for children.  MPiP was then sent material which covered most of the issues. They distributed this material to all families and carers connected to the school and nursery.

MPiP also invited the Grampian Bereavement Centre to help start a school community conversation around this important topic including discussion on:  supporting bereaved children, raising parents' confidence to speak to their children about these sensitive issues and about choosing the right words to use.

Who was involved?

The school, MPiP and the Grampian Bereavement Centre.

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