Parent 101 Workshop: The Essentials - Meldrum Parents in Partnership, Aberdeenshire

Meldrum Parents in Partnership (MPiP) describes the YouTube workshop the group has created to support new parents at the school. 

What did you do?

The idea of a 101 workshop was initiated by one of our MPiP Parent Council members as a result of her child starting at Meldrum School.

The workshop has been targeted primarily at new Primary 1 parents but also as a useful tool for any new parents to the school.

The 16 minute-long YouTube workshop takes you through things such as navigating the school website, the school handbook, the school calendar, class termly updates and school meals. It describes a typical school day and covers various aspects of the Curriculum for Excellence framework. It also provides information on music tuition and Active Schools Aberdeenshire as well as the school's after school club. It provides information and links to other useful websites such as Parentzone, Education Scotland and Connect.

You can see the 101 workshop here.

Who was involved?

Meldrum School Parent Council MPiP.




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