Parent Council Chair Support Group - Angus

'We set up a support group meeting for Parent Council Chairs and a closed Facebook page where we can communicate and share  ideas with each other. 

Parent Council chairs, Connect and Angus Council parental engagement officers all worked together on this. 

Bringing Parent Council chairs together to talk and discuss issues within their Parent Councils was very successful. We started as a small group of eight in November 2017 and now we have 51 members. We meet four times a year and we talk about what we are doing in our Parent Councils . We have had guest speakers come along and speak about things like internet safety, restorative practice, fundraising and how different local organisations can be involved in our schools. We have also looked at the cost of the school day and how we can take this forward within our Parent Councils.

The closed Facebook page is great as we can share ideas and encourage each other with success stories.

We are taking small steps and we are raising awareness as we have found that a lot of Parent Council chairs are not receiving information so communication is important. We have sent a letter out to all head teachers informing them of our group and asking them to pass the information on to current Parent Council chairs and secretaries as we realise that not everyone uses social media and we want to target all schools in Angus.

The group is growing and we are continually inspired by each other and the communities in which we work so we will keep going and improving.

We didn't need any funding for this.'


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