A Parent Council creates a cookbook - Edzell Primary School Parent Council, Angus

Edzell Parent Council decided to fundraise by producing a cookbook. A member of the Parent Council describes how they did this.

What did you do?
It was so easy to do. We found a company that would supply the starter pack free, which included chef hats and codes for all pupils and staff. Parents and staff then went online and submitted their favourite recipes. The minimum number of recipes is 30, the maximum number is 120. 

After four weeks and a lot of emails asking for recipes, we ended up with 65 recipes in our cookbook. Then I enlisted a friend to help proof-read them all with me. Then it was time to order...we had previously sent out a little note to parents, asking if they would be interested in buying. This total came to 52 books. So we were brave and ordered 75 cookbooks. 

Three weeks later they arrived - it was like Christmas and we were excited and nervous. We had spent £420 plus £15 delivery on the cookbooks. 
It was time to sell them. I emailed the school and set two dates/times when I would be there for parents to come in and buy. We sold 53 cookbooks at the school. Then I went into our two local shops and asked if they could help. Of course they did. 

We managed to sell 75 cookbooks in four weeks. We made a profit of £186.

We used The Cookbook Initiative

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