Parents support the school library - Tynewater Primary School, Midlothian

What did you do?

In 2016, the Parent Council organised volunteers to run the school library. We drafted a Library Roles and Responsibilities grid for our volunteers, a library policy and labelled the library shelves to make it easy for all pupils to use.

Who was involved?

Pupils, parents, staff and members of the community.

What was the biggest success?

The launch of the Reading Cloud, a cloud-based library management system. This engaged the pupils with the library and reading - through digital means. Over the past two years, we have pupils visiting the Library regularly and reading for pleasure.

Would you do anything differently?

Yes, I'd speak to teachers about having Pupil Librarians to help manage the Library.  We started off with them tidying the library regularly, but I feel this could be a great opportunity for P6s and P7s to learn valuable life skills if this were run as a 'job' they'd have to apply for, show up for and do well at.

Are you going to continue with this work, or has it inspired you to do something else?

We will definitely continue as we see the spark of enthusiasm in the pupils coming into the library. It helps involve parents in school life, and builds confidence in parents and pupils.

Source of funding (if any)?

No funding, but we often have books or funds donated by parents.


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