Monster Mash Family Literacy Evening

Monster Mash Family Literacy Evening

This was a Primary School Learning Goal at a school involved in the Partnership Schools programme in the United States.

Partnership Schools Parental Engagement Type 4 – Learning at Home

A primary school in America needed to improve reading attainment amongst the pupils.  As part of this focus, the Action Team for Partnerships and teachers helped to transform the school into an extraordinary place where imaginary – but friendly – monsters to encourage literacy learning in the Monster Mash Family Literacy Evening.  The team wanted to showcase reading skills and strategies in a family-friendly way.  As each family arrived at the event, they were given a Monster Mash passport and asked to attend six out of ten reading-related stations.

The ten stations were:

Go Away Big, Green Monster: teachers read aloud the picture book of the same name, a monster puppet acted, and pupils created a monster snack. (could do the same with The Gruffalo! )

Smash the Monster: pupils used a monster-swatter to mash monster words called out by a teacher.

Roll A Monster: pupils were asked to roll the dice with words on each face, read and discussed the words with a parent and drew a monster.

Feed the Monster: pupils fed words into the mouth of a monster on a SMART board.

SMART Response Clickers: pupils and parents used clickers to answer questions that teacher posted on the whiteboard.

Monster Table Games: families played word games by dragging answers around the surface of a table.

Chatterpix iPad App: pupils shared their photos and used monster voices to send parents silly greetings, playful messages, creative cards, or fancy book reports.

Monster Computer Lab: families solved problems by using reading passages, videos, and animations.

Comic Strip Creator: families used a computer programme to draw and caption their own cartoons.

Monster Boggle: families played Boggle together to create the most unusual words.

As well as all these activities, the Action Team at this primary school served Monster juice and snacks.

Parents collected tips on how to encourage discussions about reading by asking their children good questions, playing words games, reading aloud, using reading apps, and more. 


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