The Pride of Kinnaird Tartan & School Badge are Registered: Kinnaird Primary School Parent Council, Falkirk

To mark the 10th Year Celebrations of Kinnaird Primary School, the school tartan called the Pride of Kinnaird was officially registered ® at The Scottish Register of Tartans on Monday 28 May 2018. You can find it here.

The school colours are purple, jade green, black, blue and white.

You can see an image of the school tartan, the Pride of Kinnaird, here.

This is a wonderful (digital) legacy for current, past and future pupils. They can Google the Pride of Kinnaird to look up the history of their school uniform.

One of the PTA Committee members took up the responsibility to carry out a fact-finding exercise to find out the background history of the Pride of Kinnaird tartan. The following groups of people were contacted and were asked about how the school tartan was created, the colours chosen and the participation by pupils, parents and carers.

  • Current headteacher
  • Previous headteachers and depute headteacher
  • Some current teachers
  • Some current support staff
  • School office staff
  • Parents and Carers of pupils who were at the opening of the school
  • Previous PTA chairs.

The manufacturer and designer were contacted to ensure that we are within our legal rights to register the tartan.

The Pride of Kinnaird tartan was successfully registered and a woven sample of our school tartan Pride of Kinnaird has been received by the Scottish Register of Tartans for permanent preservation in the National Records of Scotland.

The Registration Certificate is proudly displayed and framed with the Pride of Kinnaird tartan fabric in the background at the school’s reception area.

We also created a bespoke QR code (with our school logo on) for the link to the Pride of Kinnaird story on The Scottish Register of Tartans.

The name Pride of Kinnaird is unique to Kinnaird Primary School. It cannot be used by other persons or organisations.

We were also inspired to officially protect the school badge on Wednesday 7 November 2018.  We simply sourced an organisation that protects logos/badges online in the UK. 

The Kinnaird School badge was designed by one of the pupils; it was the winning entry from a competition held in September 2007 at the inception of the school.

Kinnaird PTA sponsored the registration fee for the Pride of Kinnaird. Kinnaird Parent Council sponsored the fee to protect the school badge. Applications and payments were made online.

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