Sharing values and beliefs - Moray Primary School, Grangemouth

Celebrating the beliefs and values of the school community

Parents were invited into school to talk informally to small groups or classes sharing their beliefs, values and traditions.  This proved daunting for many parents. However, one parent volunteered to share the Jehovah Witness faith with children.  It is hoped this will encourage others to raise awareness of their own faiths and traditions; individual children have offered to share information within their classmates.

As part of the Partnership Schools Scotland programme, the school's Action Team for Partnership also helped to organise an after-school club called 'Showstoppers' which ran for a full week in April 2017.  The club focused on Religious and Moral Education and the Expressive Arts and was packed with games, songs, prayers and crafts.  The energetic and enthusiastic parent helpers contributed to making this week a great success.

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