Sponsored Sport - Southmuir Primary School, Angus

'We ran a sponsored sporting event at the end of last year raising approximately £2800 for a school of 200. Each class decided what they were doing: we had a 6 mile walk, an indoor obstacle course, a one mile run, and a 3-legged run. Some classes joined together. We thought to get £1000 would have been pushing it so we were delighted with the end figure!

The idea behind it was to get the kids involved in 'earning' outdoor toys. Originally when we planned it, we imagined that each class would pick an activity like hula hooping for half an hour and we would purchase the items, they would get sponsors, ideally covering more than the cost and we would raise some money. Unfortunately (fortunately!!) it took so long for agreement that it turned into a sponsored fundraising event instead.'

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