Warddykes Christmas Fayre - Warddykes Primary School, Angus

'This year we planned our Christmas Fayre using an evaluation of last year. We selected a date and then proceeded to delegate jobs to Parent Council members. One was in charge of a Facebook information page, one was in charge of organising donations for baking goods, one was in charge of doing all type ingredients such as flyers and posters, one got volunteer parents to help on the day of the event, one communicated with the school and one booked stallholders. Working as a team, we agreed to hold a cake sale, a tombola and a raffle stall. Everyone worked as a group to ask local businesses in the community for donations.  We even had some children from the school join in this activity and we received so many donations from vouchers and hampers to bottles of bubbly and gift sets. We got together the evening before the event and set up the entire event. On the day, it ran very smoothly with a steady flow of community members coming along to support the event'

The Parent Council members did the majority of organising, with help from members of the teaching staff whose classes made goods. Pupils helped to collect donations and spread the word about the Fayre. We had parent helpers come along on the day to run some stalls and parent helpers did lots of baking for the cake and candy stall.

Our biggest success was the elf, our mascot buddy, who was actually a pupil's grandmother. She was fantastic at playing the naughty elf and was a huge hit with the children!

During the event I went around with a notebook and asked stall holders and some visitors for feedback. The only criticism we received was we had no music playing during the event! So this is what we will take forward for next year and we will definitely have Christmas music playing throughout the event!

This event will be held annually as it is our biggest fundraiser of the year - it is always a huge success.

We received donations for the raffle and the tombola from loads of local businesses and the pupils in the school have written letters to thank them. We used around £30 from the Parent Council account to purchase thank you gifts for our Santa and for our elf mascot.



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