Education Secretary Announces Review into P1 Standardised National Assessments

26th October 2018

Connect welcomes the Education Secretary’s announcement of an “independent, evidence-led review” into P1 Standardised Assessment (SNSA), though it is disappointing he intends these assessments continue in the meantime.

Any assessment data needs to focus on improved conversations between teachers, parents and children about their learning, as this is what makes the difference to children’s educational outcomes.

However, our survey conducted earlier this year revealed parents knew very little about the SNSA, and were not being informed on how these results would help their child’s learning. Some responses also included distressing reports of their child being upset by the assessment process. Connect has also heard from teachers about their concerns of the time spent administrating the SNSA, and how the format is not appropriate for P1 pupils.

Connect remains of the opinion these assessments fly in the face of the principles of Curriculum for Excellence, where the focus in early primary is on learning through play, not learning to sit tests. We will continue to follow developments closely.