Musical Instrument Tuition Inquiry: COSLA and John Swinney's responses are published

28th March 2019

COSLA and Cabinet Secretary John Swinney's responses to the Education and Skills Committee's Report have now been published.  Both responses do not address the issue of young people needing to learn two musical instruments (or voice) BEFORE they start on SQA courses - how can children and young people gain skills and enthusiasm to take music forward to qualifications if they have not had instrument tuition prior to S4? This disadvantages children who do not come from families with established interests in music and it risks excluding others because of the cost of instrument tuition and the instruments themselves. 

We know how much effort parents have put into campaigning and raising awareness of musical instrument tuition charges in schools - what a disappointment and a fudge!

You can read COSLA's response here and John Swinney's response here

Read all the documents including Connect's response to the Inquiry here.