Parents' Voice Survey Launched on Children and Young People's Transitions

22nd October 2018

Calling all parents! We're inviting you to take part in our Parents' Voice survey on transitions - the changes children and young people make during their school lives. 

Please tell us about you and your child's experiences of making these changes (transitions) such as
- from one class to another
- from nursery to school, primary to secondary or secondary into college, work or university.

Smooth transitions are crucial for children's wellbeing and for their learning. It is important for families to be involved in the transition process and good communication between schools and families is essential. This way, families can be confident of their child's next steps and can support and encourage their child as they experience change.  Every child copes with change differently, and schools need to plan and communicate accordingly!

Has your child had well-supported transitions from one school to another? Were you given the information you needed? Did you get the opportunity to discuss your child's particular needs with the new school/teacher?

Please share your views and experiences via our online survey here. We'll compile a report on families' experiences and share it widely with parents, Parent Councils, policy-makers and others.