Scottish Government to adjust, not scrap, P1 tests

18th April 2019

John Swinney has announced changes recomended by the P1 Practitioners Forum report will be made to the Scottish National Standardised Assessment (SNSA) for Primary 1 pupils.

From the start Connect has objected to standardised assessments as a national data gathering exercise, and in particular the testing of Primary 1 children at a time when they should be learning through play. Indeed, the P1 Practitioners Forum’s own report raises the very issue of how well SNSA can cater for children taught mainly through play-based learning.

We note the government’s announcement of changes to the guidance on SNSA, however we feel the government is getting ahead of itself. The independent review into P1 SNSA, commissioned by government, is to report in May. In our view government should be listening to its own review before making any additional changes.