Scottish Parliament Education and Skills Committee Inquiry into Musical Instrument Tuition in Schools

1st November 2018

Thank you to the 729 parents who answered our survey on musical instrument tuition in schools. We recieved many passionate responses on the benefits of playing musical instruments, and concerns describing how not all children are able to access this, through the addition of fees or lack of places.

Based on our survey, we recommend:

  • National guidance to ensure consistency, inclusion and opportunity for all with transparency and openness about provision to parents and children
  • A level playing field for all children so that every child has the chance to enjoy learning to play a musical instrument or to sing (recognising voice as an instrument)
  • Specific action to identify means of ensuring children who are looked after or have additional support needs are not disadvantaged
  • A national focus on inclusion so that no child is left out
  • National and local recognition that the learning opportunity presented by musical instrument tuition for children is crucial for cognitive, personal and skills development
  • Research into the most equitable way to fund musical instruments and instrument tuition
  • An end to competitive selection practices – it is important that instrument tuition provides opportunities to join in and have new experiences

Read our full submission to the Scottish Parliament Education and Skills Committee here.