Connect's Eileen Prior blogs: Should Pupil Equity Funding be used for football?

6th November 2017

Eileen Prior, Executive Director of Connect, blogs about the usage of Scottish Government Pupil Equity Funding for a football-based programme. She thinks it is a great idea.

"In response to the news that an Aberdeen school would be using some of its Pupil Equity Fund money on a football-based programme to bring pupils in to school early for training and breakfast, an education "insider" said: "Schools are expected to use their extra money to help pupils from low-income backgrounds with reading and writing. I'm not sure if keepie-up sessions will help.”

Therein lies the combination of snobbery and ignorance that is just too widespread in Scottish education.

Why might football training before school help with attainment?

  • Because physical exercise has a strong link to positive attitude and behaviour, and learning
  • Because the programme also includes breakfast (one of the necessities for good learning)
  • Because young folk who have a sense of achievement are likely to take that positivity into other parts of their lives, including school
  • Because it gives a sense of purpose which may be absent from other parts of their school experience

So perhaps the education ‘insider’ might like to re-think their comments".