About Partnership Schools

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Partnership Schools is a way to form school, family and community partnerships to make things better for children and young people in school. It was devised and researched by a team based at Johns Hopkins University in the US and led by Dr Joyce Epstein.  You can read more about Dr Epstein's work and the National Network of Partnership Schools here.

Connect, formerly SPTC, introduced Partnership Schools to Scotland because it really does make a difference.  Read more about our Partnership Schools programme here. Sign up for more information about our Partnership Schools Scotland  programme in our eNewsletters here.  Read our Year 1 Report here and our Year 2 report here.  You can find our Year 3 report here.

Partnership Schools fits really well with the work we already do with parent groups all over Scotland. Partnership Schools gives a consistent and successful way of focussing the efforts of school, families and local communities.

It involves a wide cross-section of parents, organisations and different members of the school community (including the pupils) with shared aims. Thanks to project funding from Skills Development Scotland, we have a five-year plan which will see us introducing Partnership Schools Scotland to schools around the country, to build evidence of how it can be implemented in our system. Find information about the work we are currently doing in different authorities here.

In each school we work with staff, parents, pupils and the wider community to form an Action Team for Partnerships, which develops a one-year action plan. Plans take their lead from the School Improvement Plan and are focused on action and building on what is already happening.