Friockheim Primary School, Angus

Friockheim Primary School, Angus

Friockheim Primary School’s Action Team for Partnership (ATP) is made up of parents and teachers. They set three goals at the start of the year, specific to their school’s needs.

Learning Goal:  To use the outdoor space at school to improve numeracy, and in turn improve parents’ knowledge of how to use outdoor space for teaching their child maths.

The ATP worked with school staff and other parents to develop activities to make the grounds numeracy rich.  They researched affordable and adaptable ideas and organised resources for outdoor displays and an outdoor trolley full of games and activities.

Families were invited to a barbeque then they completed some outdoor numeracy tasks with their children. The tasks were planned in discussion with a working group of parents and trialed by them too. This ensured that the language we were using was understood by parents.

There was a great turn out (75% of families were represented) and feedback from this event was extremely positive with parents commenting it was full of tips they could use at home with their child.  The team developed information sheets with handy hints for families and amended the homework leaflet to include outdoor learning suggestions.

Learning Goal: To improve transition in the Early Years by developing a shared outdoor learning space.

The ATP’s second learning goal aimed to improve transition from the early years by developing a shared outdoor learning space.  The team hoped this would help children settle quickly into their new setting and parents would have all the information they needed to support their child.

Staff, parents and children visited other schools in the area to gather good practice and ideas for developing the space and late last year they carried out an audit of their outdoor resources.  Families were invited to Stay and Play sessions to explore how the space was used for learning activities.

Wellbeing Goal: To develop the school grounds into a fun place to be during playtimes and lunchtimes. 

The Pupil Council developed plans for the outdoor space which was shared with parents via social media and displayed in the school.

The team took advice from the local Ranger Service and a local gardening club.  The Ranger helped the children to build bug hotels, bird houses and helped install an information board for families on the animals and plants found in the school grounds.

Community groups, the local Ranger Service, businesses and farmers have all helped to provide advice and resources and volunteers helped to paint sheds and games.  Family members were also invited to share their own playground games with the children.