Carrongrange School, Falkirk

Carrongrange School is located in Grangemouth and is Falkirk Council’s only secondary school for pupils with moderate, severe and complex additional support needs.  Up until summer, the school was based in Stenhousemuir but from the start of the 2017/2018 school year the pupils now attend a new, purpose-built school in Grangemouth. Pupils are referred to Carrongrange School by their primary school: some pupils may come from other authorities. 

Pupils follow a curriculum that is varied, relevant, challenging and enjoyable. It is based on a secondary curriculum, adapted to meet the individual needs of the pupils. A major curricular priority is preparing pupils for life after school.

At the first meeting of the Action Team for Partnership, parents made it clear that improvements needed to be made in how the school communicated with parents.  The team decided to focus on this as their one major goal and to have this in place for the new school.

A Facebook Page was set up and is proving popular with lots of likes. Twitter is now widely used by class teachers to show parents what pupils are learning in school each day. The school website has been completely revamped and rebranded with the new school colours and a ‘who’s who’ of staff.

Some video clips have been added and there is a potential for more – possibly parents talking to parents.

Feedback from parents has been that communication has been transformed and is much better than it used to be.  Many parents have found it particularly useful when speaking to children about their learning that day and for providing information on the transition to the new school.

The team recognised some parents may not know how to use social media and the school agreed to explore the possibility of having a workshop for parents to ‘coach’ them in how they can use Twitter etc. to follow their child’s progress.

The parents on the Action Team also expressed concerns about emergency planning for pupils.  Some improvements have been made – such as a grab bag of information when the school is evacuated; a mobile phone to make phone calls from outside the building and some thermal blankets in the grab bags in case pupils and staff are evacuated from the swimming pool and can’t retrieve their clothing.

Now the staff, pupils and parents are settled into the new building, the Action Team will look at other areas to improve partnerships.

Why not visit their fantastic, revamped website by clicking here?