Knightswood Primary School, Glasgow

Knightswood Primary, is situated in the west end of Glasgow, near Anniesland. Knightswood Primary School was built under a Private & Public Partnership scheme and is part of Project 2002, which aims to raise the quality of educational provision for children in the city. The children on the roll are allocated to 20 classes.

Knightswood Primary School is a member of the Knightswood Learning Community which includes Knightswood Secondary, six local primaries and four pre-five establishments. The aim of the community is to work together with other agencies to raise attainment and achievement for young people in this area.

Learning Goal: To improve children’s engagement and attainment in reading.


We use the Oxford Reading Tree and Literacy World Reading Programmes and a wide variety of fiction in the teaching of reading.

Teachers read stories and novels on a regular basis which promote listening skills, discussion and an interest in recreational reading.  Library periods form an important part of our language programme and teachers use a variety of methods to encourage pupils to read and enjoy library books.

We have a paired reading programme which encourages children and adults to read together at home and share stories for enjoyment.

A lending library has been established by staff and parents. Children can borrow and return books from this on a weekly basis


Talking helps us to sort out what we think and is our main means of social interaction.

It is through talking to peers, teachers and other adults that much of our pupils' learning occurs.

Our Curriculum, therefore, offers a widening set of contexts for talk, giving our pupils opportunities to express their own responses and other pupils' thoughts, feelings and experiences.


Listening skills are crucial to overall learning and understanding.

Listening for instruction occurs across the curriculum and across all stages.

Listening activities include:­ listening for information, instruction and direction; listening in groups; listening in order to respond to texts and discussions.


We work hard to encourage children to write well at Knightswood Primary School.  The development of children's writing is an important part of our Language Curriculum.

Pupils' skills are developed from the very beginning of Primary 1 in  a variety of contexts and there are opportunities to produce all types of writing.

Pupils are taught how to craft stories effectively through work on character, setting, structure/plot and genre.

Punctuation, grammar, handwriting and the presentation of work is also given high priority.

Wellbeing Goal: To Promote Positive Behaviour

Being Cool in School

We work hard to achieve a positive atmosphere in our school. School can be a challenging social setting.

We recognise that there will be times when our children have to cope with a range of situations and feelings with which they can feel uncomfortable or unable to cope. Sometimes they can react in ways which make things worse, but at all times they need support and advice.

The Being Cool in School programme aims to develop attitudes and skills which help children manage their responses in a positive way in school – and beyond.

Clear guidance is given regarding times when they can deal with matters themselves and times when they should involve an adult.

The programme explores three kinds of response:

  • Weak/Passive responses are ones we use when we feel less important than others and fail to stand up for ourselves and risk being bullied.
  • Aggressive responses are ones we use when we feel more important than others and fail to consider the feelings of others and perhaps try to bully them.
  • Assertive or Cool responses are ones we use when we know we are just as important as everyone else and so we respond in a way which is fair to ourselves and respectful to others.

Partnership Goal: To improve parental engagement through use of a school video channel

Our New YouTube Channel

As part of our regular self evaluation, we are aware that parents want more information to help them support their children with their learning.

You have also told us that you can’t always come into school and last year our survey showed that most parents have access to mobile devices or computers where they access the internet.

This year Education Scotland has launched a new toolkit for schools with a section on family and parent learning. We are currently looking at how we can further involve parents within the resources we have available to us.

We have however developed a YouTube channel, where we are placing information and support videos which we hope will be of interest and use to you.

Two other schools have become involved, so we can expand the information and videos available to all parents.

To keep safe, we ensure that any child pictured is allowed to be filmed, names are never available and access to the channel is through the link below.

Parents can use the link to access the videos. We are in the early stages of this development and videos will be added over the course of the year.

Click here to view Knightswood's YouTube platform.