St Nicholas Primary School, Broxburn, West Lothian

St Nicholas Primary School's Action Plan covered three goals.  These were:

Learning Goal (Numeracy): To engage parents in the school's approach to maths (concrete-visual-abstract).

Read, Write, Count was launched, with a soft launch for 'hard to reach' families. A parental workshop in numeracy and a small group targetting 'hard to reach' parents led to efforts to engage paernts in adult numeracy classes.

Learning Goal (Profiling): To encourage parents to talk about their children’s learning with them, leading to children being more confident in stating where they are and where they need to be.

A staff profiling group developed processes; a meeting for parents was held. Learning conversations now take place between children and teachers throughout the year. Parents now engage more confidently with learning. Curriculum cafes were held, at which children talked confidently to parents. 

Partnership/Wellbeing Goal: To promote good relationships with our families as they work with each other, their school and their community through the FAST (Families and Schools Together) programme.

A FAST team of three teachers, three parents and two community partners, training was undertaken, 20 families were recuited to take part.  the FAST family workshops took place, with 15 families completing the programme. The programme was then evaluated.