Uphall Primary School, West Lothian

Our Journey So far

Uphall Primary is currently working on a creative approach to include families and the wider community in our pupils' learning.

What were we already doing

  • Parent consultations
  • Assemblies.

What are we doing now?

  • More opportunities for parents to be included in decision making
  • Involving new and different people in a variety of different ways  to enrich pupils learning experiences, leading to improved outcomes from all pupils.
  • An Action Together Partnership (ATP) group was formed comprising parents, staff, pupils and community member.

Focus areas for the ATP

  • To enhance communication: to make sure that effective forms of school-home and home-school communications are in place.
  • Volunteering: families and others to support pupils attainment and ensure equity.
  • Learning at Home: shape future learning opportunities and provide information on how to help pupils with home learning activities, and future goals.
  • Develop parents as leaders and representatives within the school.
  • Collaborating with the community: Use resources and services from the community for families and children and reciprocate. 

Parents identified four areas for improvement:

  1. Transition: Conversation Cafes for Primary 1 parents to discuss their experiences of transition. This led to a new Transition Policy.
  2. Homework: Friday morning drop-in for parents; homework survey for parents. These led to a new Homework Policy.
  3. School environment: Mystery Shopper visit with a critical eye; the subsequent report's findings are being actioned. 
  4. Parental engagement strategy: Food for Thought (link with a local hotel); Real Junk Food Project banquet; foodbank links; fuzzbank/school clothing bank; MoneySense Workshops. The Headteacher is now a signatory for foodbank vouchers. There is now a raised awareness of family circumstances which may affect children's learning.

Next Steps: 

  • Reporting to parents: we are looking to change the emphasis from a culture of staff 'reporting to parents' to one of 'learning from each other'.
  • Improvement Planning: to consult with parents sooner and include their input in the final draft.