Connect’s response to the proposed changes to the Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme, July 2018

Read our full submission to the Scottish Government and Disclosure Scotland’s consultation on changes to the PVG Scheme here.

Since the PVG scheme was introduced we have been providing information and advice to our Members about the PVG Scheme and effective child protection, and for the last two years Connect has been an Intermediary Body for those Member groups which wish to process PVG applications for entitled volunteers.

In our experience, and from feedback from our Members, the current Scheme is extremely complex, leading to confusion over whether parent groups need to join, and when they do need to join, parent groups find the process difficult.

It is of utmost importance that changes to the Scheme:

  • make it clearer who needs to be on the Scheme, and who doesn’t;
  • make it accessible for everyone who needs to join;
  • and that there is a set term of membership so people are not left on the Scheme when they no longer need to be.

You can read the consultation paper here.