Education (Scotland) Bill

The Education (Scotland) Bill was expected to be introduced to the Scottish Parliament late in 2018.  However, on 26 June 2018 Cabinet Secretary for Education John Swinney published the Bill but postponed bringing it to the Scottish Parliament to allow for 'collaboration' with local authorities to deliver the sought-after improvements instead. 

Here is our summary with useful links: 

John Swinney Announcement (26 June 2018): Draft Bill is published but will not be set before Parliament; a collaborative approach with COSLA to be tried for one year instead of legislation. The agreement with COSLA will ‘fast-track’ implementation of everything except the replacement of GTCS which has been dropped.

Draft Bill

First Report by International Council of Education Advisers 2016-18 (26 June 2018) This advocates for a collaborative (not legislative) approach and could be described as the underpinning document for much of the current Scottish Government thinking and policy on education.  This group has been put together by Scottish Government to bring expertise and advice to policy-making. 

Key aspects of the Education (Scotland) Bill consultation covered: a Headteachers' Charter; parental and community engagement; strengthening pupil voice; Regional Improvement Collaboratives; the registration of other education professionals with the Education Workforce Council (this was dropped in the final Education Bill); school funding. 

The Scottish Government Consultation on the Bill closed on 30 January 2018. The consulation document is available here as a downloadable PDF.  The Scottish Government's response to the Consultation is here.

Connect's consultation response used our parent/carer online survey results and can be read here