Primary 1 Scottish National Standardised Assessments

Connect has campaigned with other organisations such as Upstart Scotland and Children in Scotland to end the P1 SNSAs, which test four and five year old children.  The purpose of the P1 SNSAs has been described as 'diagnostic' by the Scottish Government but is view by those who oppose the tests as a national data-gathering exercise that can impact negatively on young children, causing stress and upset. 

We responded to the Scottish Parliament's Education and Skills Committee's call for evidence on Standardised Assessments.

Read our submission here.

Published on 11 June 2019, the Scottish Government independent review of the Primary 1 Scottish National Standardised Assessments by David Reedy makes several recommendations but says there is educational justification for the SNSAs. Cabinet Secretary John Swinney announces the tests will continue with improvements. 

Read the full report here.