Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools - A National Strategy for School Libraries in Scotland 2018-2023

It's great to see recognition of the importance of school libraries and school librarians to children's health and well being as well as to the development of their skills in this national strategy, 'Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools'. This document sets out recommendations and actions for the future development of school library services. It was produced by the School Library Strategy National Advisory Group.

School librarians help young people to gain crucial skills - the ability to research and to sift information. Young people can also gain School Library Strategy National Advisory Group,useful skills for work by volunteering in the school library - but this cannot replace school librarians!  Let us know about library services in your school - we're always keen to hear about what's happening in different schools. We know that school libary services are frequently targetted in local authority budget cuts. Keep us posted by emailing

You can read 'Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools' here