Can teenagers help at our after-school football club?


My Parent Council runs an after-school football club. We have two 16-year-old girls that help us out; are they covered under our Connect public liability insurance? Are the children covered for any injuries?


Anybody who helps out at an event organised by the Parent Council/PTA is covered by 3* and 4* Connect membership-linked insurance and this would include your footballing girls who would be covered by the personal accident element. Remember that if you run more than 5 clubs, you need to have 4* membership.  You can upgrade your membership to 4* with this application form.

As to your second question, your Parent Council/PTA are only liable for injuries to participants and/or damage suffered as a result of decisions/negligence. So, for example, if you organised a football match between adults and children and a child was injured as a result of this, then this may be seen to be negligent. You are NOT liable for injuries suffered as part of the 'normal' activity - football is a contact sport and sometimes a player may suffer an injury during a tackle; you would not be liable for this. 

Useful leaflet: Connect Membership Insurance Leaflet.