Can we sell home-made cakes or are we restricted by food safety regulations?


We want to sell home baking at our next event  but we're worried we're restricted by food safety regulations. Can you help?


The basic message is that normal home-baking stalls and teas at a school function are fine. Public liability insurance for this type of activity is included in 3* and 4* Connect membership. You do, however, have a duty to sell only 'safe' food, and it's best to avoid 'risky' items that contain fresh cream or raw eggs. Those containing nuts should be clearly labelled. The legislation and regulations are complex and if you have any questions - or are challenged - discuss the matter with your local authority's environmental health officer who will be able to explain precisely what you can and cannot sell. Be careful about labelling, particularly in the case of allergies and intolerances: do not claim that something is free from nuts, for instance, unless you are absolutely sure this is the case.

Useful leaflets: Safety at Fundraising Events and Some Golden Rules of Catering for Parent Councils and PTAs.

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