Can we use another organisation’s charity number?


Can my Parent Council take over a registered charity number belonging to a local group that no longer runs?  The group used to be a youth club and the organiser has said that we can use the charity number if it is allowed.


The Parent Council can be a charity but it will have to apply as a separate organisation to OSCR - the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator. You can find out more from their website  It will be up to OSCR to decide whether you qualify to become a charity. You can definitely not transfer charitable status from one organisation to another and you cannot take over a number that is no longer in use. If this youth club has stopped running, then the organiser should contact OSCR to let them know.

Useful leaflet: Thinking about becoming a Charity?

Useful resource:  A Model Constitution for Parent Councils who want to become a Charity.