Do health and safety regulations stop us accepting food for PC/PTA events?


Some of our Parent Council/PTA Committee members seem to think that anyone who donates food for a Parent Council/PTA event needs a food hygiene certificate. Is this true?


You do not need a food hygiene certificate to produce or sell home-made foods under the terms of 3* and 4* Membership of  Connect. The membership-linked Public Liability Insurance protects you as an organisation against claims for food poisoning. However, you don't want to make people ill, so obviously it is sensible to have high standards of hygiene. Also, although it is not a requirement, we recommend that you avoid high risk foods like those containing raw eggs or fresh cream. Ensure that food is labelled clearly with ingredients to support those with allergies. 

Useful leaflets: Safety at Fundraising Events and Golden Rules of Catering at PC/PTA events.