Do PTAs need to consult the Parent Forum?


We recently had a presentation from a local authority officer. He stated that existing PTAs or other such bodies would need to consult the Parent Forum to be allowed to continue as they are. I am concerned as I think he is wrong. I have found nothing in the legislation to indicate that this is the case.


The officer has maybe phrased things in the wrong way. The PTA can continue once your Parent Council is in place.  However, if the Parent Forum (all the parents with children at the school) decide that they want PTA activities done through the Parent Council or want the PTA to become part of/a subcommittee of the Parent Council, then that is obviously what will happen. Having said that, if you get enough support at your events and/or meetings, there is nothing that can stop you continuing as a PTA. Remember, the only group that is formed under the legislation is the Parent Forum and it is up to them to decide what should happen.

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