Do we need a copyright licence to play music at our school events?


Do we need a copyright licence to play music at events held in the school?


If music is only being played on the school premises, then it is covered by the school's premises license.

Other music uses:

  • If you are uploading videos which contain music to sites such as YouTube, then you need to consult their terms & conditions as the Performing Rights Society licenses the hosting website.
  • If music is going on the school or PC/PTA website, then you will need the Limited Online Music Licence (LOML).
  • If you wish to put music onto a physical product (DVD, CD) and you are distributing the product yourselves, then you will need the Limited Manufacture Licence.
  • If you have a video that contains any advertising, branding or logos or is for promotional uses, if you have music for background to a webpage, you will need to seek publishers' approval and then apply for a Performing Right Online Licence (PROL).