FAQs about easyfundraising

FAQs about easyfundraising for Parent Councils and PTAs - your questions answered

Q Why should I sign up my Parent Council through Connect?

A The sign up process is simpler through Connect because the system already knows that you are a Parent Council or PTA and therefore removes unnecessary questions.

The benefit of signing up through Connect is that, on top of the funds you raise, easyfundraising will donate an extra 20% to Connect. This will cost you no extra time or money so is a win-win. Connect will then use these funds towards the training sessions that we run for our Members.  Click here to sign up through Connect. 

Q Will we get less money?

A No! Easyfundraising donates the 20% on top of the funds you raise.

For example, you spend £100 online in John Lewis. John Lewis donate 3% to your cause so your Parent Council receives £3. Connect then receives 20% of this from easyfundraising so we get 60p.

Q Do we have to be a Registered Charity?

No, you only have to have ‘unselfish goals’ – you can sign up to easyfundraising for a fun run, for example.

Q How is our Parent Council paid?

Easyfundraising splits the year into four quarters and totals up the donations at the end of each quarter. If your cause has raised more than £15 in the quarter, easyfundraising makes payment around 60 days after the quarter finishes. If your cause hasn't raised £15, the amount your have raised will simply be carried forward to the next quarter. The quarters are as follows:

Quarter 1 is from 1 January - 31 March (paid at the end of May)

Quarter 2 is from 1 April - 30 June (paid at the end of August)

Quarter 3 is from 1 July - 30 September (paid at the end of November)

Quarter 4 is from 1 October - 31 December (paid at the end of February)

You can choose to be paid by BACS, JustGiving or cheque.

Q How much money can I raise?

It depends entirely on the retailer and within that, on the product. Ebay Fashion donates 40%, Ebay electronics donate 27.5% for example. Most other retailers donate a much smaller amount, normally between 1-5%. To check how much a retailer donates, or to see if they are registered with easyfundraising at all, you can simply search them on easyfundraising.

Q How exactly do I sign up?

1. Search ‘Connect’ on easyfundraising.org.uk or click here. Then register your PC/PTA.  

2. Once you’re registered, search for a retailer you would like to shop with. There are over 2700 to choose from, including Amazon, John Lewis and Argos. Click through to the retailer and shop as normal. Everything costs exactly the same.

3. When you make a purchase, the retailer will make a donation to your organisation to say thanks for shopping with them.

Q Can anybody from my PC/PTA use our easyfundraising page? I don’t want it to be designated to just one person.

Yes, as long as they have the login details, anybody can use it. Supporters just have to search for your PC/PTA and choose you as a cause they wish to support.

Q How does easyfundraising make any money?

Easyfundraising receives a payment from the retailers when the easyfundraising website sends traffic their way.  Easyfundraising is a profit-making organisation.