The Scottish Government

The official website of the Scottish Government, the devolved government for Scotland, is here. The Scottish Government is responsible for education, social care and child care policy and policies relating to children's health and wellbeing.  Local authorities are then responsible for implementing these policies.  
The Scottish Government agency, Education Scotland, is responsible for supporting and developing education policies at a national level and is also responsible for school and early learning and childcare centre (with Care Inspectorate) inspections.  See Connect's Useful Link for Education Scotland here. 
Connect engages with the Scottish Government in a number of ways in order to share parents' views and perspectives.  These include: sitting on short and longer life Scottish Government working groups on different themes and areas of interest to parents; liaising with Scottish Government ministers and officers to help develop and inform policy; campaigning to change or end some practices and policies on behalf of parents eg national standardised assessment of Primary 1 children.