What role do local politicians have on our Parent Council/PTA?


Should we invite local politicians to get involved in our Parent Council/PTA?


Parent Councils and PTAs can decide whether they wish to keep local politicians informed about their activities or if they would like them to attend meetings or both. There can be advantages to developing relationships with local representatives if you ever have to campaign on anything.  

However, you should always remember

  • to invite all of your elected representatives and keep all of them informed, whether or not they attend meetings or get more actively involved - it is important for your parent group to be apolitical
  • to decide whether you want to invite them to all your meetings or to your AGM or neither
  • to be clear that they are there as a guest and in an advisory capacity, not to hold the floor, or lobby for votes, or argue with one another or dominate your meeting!
  • to create a space for them on your agenda to update on local education issues (if you wish to) or seek their input on particular points of information
  • to thank them for attending - they may come in useful!