Who can vote at our AGM?


There's some uncertainty about who can vote at our AGM? Help please!


If you are talking about a Parent Council AGM, then it would be all the people who sit on your Parent Council and who have full voting rights.  Check your constitution if you are unsure about who qualifies and also check to see if they have to be present at the meeting or if can they vote by proxy. Parent Councils work in many different ways so there is no rule that can be applied here!

If you are talking about a PTA, then the answer is all the parents and teachers who attend the AGM. Remember the PTA is not just the committee. The PTA is a membership organisation, owned by all the members and run by a committee on their behalf. The AGM is when the PTA committee reports back to the parent and teacher members and is held accountable for what its activities during the year, for the events it has organised and for how it has spent any money that's been raised. At the AGM, all decisions should be based on the majority vote of those parents and teachers who attend.

Useful leaflet: Good Practice at Annual General Meetings.