Dispelling the Myth of Parental 'Poverty of Aspiration': Morag Treanor and the Impact of Poverty on Children and Young People

Morag Treanor of Stirling University is currently sharing really important research findings about poverty (it is dynamic and is not confined to the same families) and families who live in poverty (one in four children in Scotland is living in poverty). 

Her work on child poverty and the impact of poverty on children's outcomes is challenging commonly-punted notions about parents lacking ambition for their children. In her briefing paper which uses responses from parents and children in the birth cohort study Growing Up in Scotland 1, Treanor says that most parents are ambitious for their children and that circumstances, a lack of confidence and knowledge, not a lack of aspiration, undermines parents' belief that they can help with their children's learning and progress.  

You can read Morag's briefing paper here.  Morag's accompanying presentation is here

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