Further Learning About Poverty: NHS Health Scotland's eLearning Module on Child Poverty, Health and Wellbeing

This NHS Scotland Health Scotland elearning module aims to raise awareness of child poverty in Scotland and how poverty can impact on children and young people’s health and wellbeing.  The module will look at causes of child poverty, how it is measured and participants will spend time considering their role in tackling child poverty.

This module will provide learning about child poverty for those working in health, social care, education, the public sector and will help participants consider their role in helping to assist children and their families who are living in poverty and affected by austerity.

Learning outcomes

  • Describe what child poverty is and what causes it
  • Outline how child poverty is defined and measured in Scotland
  • Explain how poverty impacts children and young people’s health and wellbeing
  • Reflect on your role in reducing the impact of child poverty

To access the module, create an account by clicking on this link. It is free, quick and easy to do.

Listed below are further NHS Health Scotland and Child Poverty Action Group resources.

  • Short films on the NHS Health Scotland website are here.
  • The uniform practice insight on the CPAG Scotland website is here.