Evaluation - Assessing the Impact of Family Engagement

Evaluation - Assessment the Impact of Family Engagement is a a half-day professional learning programme which explores strategies to measure and evidence the impact of family engagement strategies as they are planned and implemented for long term improvement.

There are many evaluation tools and techniques out there: this workshop offers guidance on matching methodologies to the work and goal and provides delegates with a comprehensive evaluation toolkit as part of the delegate fee. 

This programme will enable delegates to understand and evidence relevance and impact of
engagement activity on children’s learning, meeting the requirements for evidence-based
approaches in schools.

Aims and objectives
This programme supports education professionals to develop an understanding of the importance of evaluation in family engagement. The programme provides delegates with a practical tool to use in planning and setting engagement goals, exemplifying evaluation techniques and when these might be used to best effect.

Learning intentions
Delegates will leave the workshop having:

  • Gained understanding of the importance of evaluating the impact of family engagement
  • Connected family engagement, evaluation and improvement
  • Co-constructed approaches to evaluation and evidencing the impact of family engagement
  • Experienced an innovative participatory workshop approach, modelling approaches which Connect recommends when working with families.

Learning objectives                                                                                                                                                                             Delegates will

  1. Deepen understanding of what effective parental engagement looks like.
  2. Understand effective planning for improved engagement with families.
  3. Recognise the importance of evaluating the impact of family engagement.
  4. Build understanding of evaluation techniques and strategies.
  5. Take a strategic perspective on family engagement as a means to support school improvement outputs and outcomes.
  6. Co-construct approaches to evaluation and evidencing the impact of family engagement.
  7. Leave with a practical and straightforward means to set strategic goals which can be evaluated and incorporated into school improvement.

Pre-work and preparation
Delegates are asked to bring along details of two family engagement activities or programmes within
their schools.